Dummy graphic editor to make isometric illustrations
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triangulart (v2 beta)

Dummy graphic editor to make isometric illustrations. It's like pixel art, but with triangles.

Try it on maxwellito.github.io/triangulart

This version is still on beta and not fully stable.

File format

On the v2, we are making things simpler, one unique file format : the SVG. On the first version the editable format was in JSON, and I think it was a bad design choice. Having one format make it easier for the final user.

Here are the details

<svg version="1.1" preserveAspectRatio="xMinYMin slice" width="930" height="520" viewBox="0 0 930 520">
    <path d="M345 0 L330 26 L360 26 Z" fill="#000000" rel="22"></path>
    <path d="M345 0 L360 26 L375 0 Z" fill="#000000" rel="23"></path>
    <path d="M375 0 L360 26 L390 26 Z" fill="#000000" rel="24"></path>
    <path d="M375 0 L390 26 L405 0 Z" fill="#000000" rel="25"></path>

The SVG first child node is a comment containing the JSON of the basic details of the artwork. It contains the orientation, width, height, and the palette. Then every path got the rel attribute to contain the triangle index.

for v2.1 (aka neverland)

  • Auto save (but better, with little signal)
  • Responsive layout (the menu and nav is clunky)
  • Better care of error cases
  • MASSIVE PERF ISSUES ON BIG WORKSPACE : MOVE TO CANVAS (and light the weight of triangulart class)
  • Zoom in/out
  • Clipboard!