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# Contributing
First of all, thanks for contributing, thinking about contributing, or even arriving here by mistake.
Issues are reserved to mention a problem, a bug or discuss about implementing a feature. If you have any question or support request, please use [Gitter]( For every issue, please try to give as much information as you can : version, steps to recreate it, examples (via jsFiddle or something like that).
About pull requests, please try to contact the maintainer beforehand. He's a kinda human Grumpy Cat trying to avoid features which can be useful for only 1% of users. The warning is only because it would be sad to see contributors spending time a feature that wouldn't be merged. Otherwise, I would recommend you to add a section in the `` file. But if it's a bug fix, the chances to be merged are higher. If necessary please think about updating the tests.

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