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Bootstrap Tags

Bootstrap Tags is a jQuery plugin meant to extend Twitter Bootstrap to include tagging functionality. It supports Bootstrap 2.3.2 and ≥ 3.0.

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Call for Maintainers

If you find this project useful and are interested in contributing or taking over, please add yourself to #70.



$ bower install bootstrap-tags


$ git clone
--> js files are located in dist/js, CSS in dist/css


  • Support for Bootstrap 2.3.2 and 3+
  • Autosuggest (for typing or activated by pressing the down key when empty)
  • Bootstrap Popovers (for extended information on a tag)
  • Exclusions (denial of a specified list)
  • Filters (allowance of only a specified list)
  • Placeholder prompts
  • Uses bootstrap button-[type] class styling (customizing your bootstrap will change tag styles accordingly)
  • Extensible with custom functions (eg, before/after tag addition/deletion, key presses, exclusions)


<!-- include bootstrap tags js, css files -->
<script src='path/to/bootstrap-tags/dist/js/bootstrap-tags.min.js'></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="path/to/bootstrap-tags/dist/css/bootstrap-tags.css" />

<div id="my-tag-list" class="tag-list"></div>
	$(function() {
		// If using Bootstrap 2, be sure to include:
		// Tags.bootstrapVersion = "2";
			tagData:["boilerplate", "tags"],
			suggestions:["basic", "suggestions"],
			excludeList:["not", "these", "words"]



The following options are supported. Pass them as a javascript object to the tags jQuery function:

    readOnly: true,
    tagData: ["a", "prepopulated", "list", "of", tags],
    beforeAddingTag: function(tag){ console.log(tag); }
option type description default
bootstrapVersion String specify which version of bootstrap to format generated HTML for. Acceptable values are "2", "3" 3
tagData Array a list of tags to initialize the tagging interface with []
tagSize String describes what size input to use. Acceptable values are "lg", "md", or "sm" md
readOnly Boolean whether or not to disable user input false
suggestions Array a list of terms that will populate the autosuggest feature when a user types in the first character []
suggestOnClick Boolean whether or not the autosuggest feature is triggered on click false
caseInsensitive Boolean whether or not autosuggest should ignore case sensitivity false
restrictTo Array a list of allowed tags (will be combined with suggestions, if provided). User inputted tags that aren't included in this list will be ignored []
exclude Array a list of case insensitive disallowed tags. Supports wildcarding (eg. ['*offensive*'] will ignore any word that has offensive in it) []
popoverData Array a list of popover data. The index of each element should match the index of corresponding tag in tagData array null
popovers Boolean whether or not to enable bootstrap popovers on tag mouseover whether popoverData was provided
popoverTrigger String indicates how popovers should be triggered. Acceptable values are 'click', 'hover', 'hoverShowClickHide' hover
tagClass String which class the tag div will have for styling btn-info
promptText String placeholder string when there are no tags and nothing typed in Enter tags…
maxNumTags Integer Maximum number of allowable (user-added) tags. All tags that are initialized in the tagData property are retained. If set, then input is disabled when the number of tags exceeds this value -1 (no limit)
readOnlyEmptyMessage String text to be displayed if there are no tags in readonly mode. Can be HTML No tags to display...
beforeAddingTag function(String tag) anything external you'd like to do with the tag before adding it. Returning false will stop tag from being added null
afterAddingTag function(String tag) anything external you'd like to do with the tag after adding it null
beforeDeletingTag function(String tag) find out which tag is about to be deleted. Returning false will stop tag from being deleted null
afterDeletingTag function(String tag) find out which tag was removed by either pressing delete key or clicking the (x) null
definePopover function(String tag) must return the popover content for the tag that is being added. (eg "Content for [tag]") null
excludes function(String tag) return true if you want the tag to be excluded, false if allowed null

Controlling tags

Some functions are chainable (returns a Tagger object), and can be used to move the data around outside of the plugin.

function return type description
hasTag(tag:string) Boolean whether tag is in tag list
getTags() Array a list of tags currently in the interface
getTagsWithContent() Array a list of javascript objects with a tag property and content property
getTag(tag:string) String returns tag as string
getTagWithContent(tag:string) Object returns object with tag and content property (popover)
addTag(tag:string) Tagger add a tag
renameTag(tag:string, newTag:string) Tagger rename one tag to another value
removeLastTag() Tagger removes last tag if it exists
removeTag(tag:string) Tagger removes tag specified by string if it exists
addTagWithContent(tag:string, popoverContent:string) Tagger Add a tag with associated popover content
setPopover(tag:string, popoverContent:string) Tagger update a tag's associated popover content, if that tag exists


var tags = $('#one').tags( {
	suggestions : ["here", "are", "some", "suggestions"],
	popoverData : ["What a wonderful day", "to make some stuff", "up so that I", "can show it works"],
	tagData: ["tag a", "tag b", "tag c", "tag d"],
	excludeList : ["excuse", "my", "vulgarity"],
} );
tags.addTag("tag e!!").removeTag("tag b").setPopover("tag c", "Changed popover content");

To reference a tags instance that you've already attached to a selector, (eg. $(selector).tags(options)) you can use $(selector).tags() or $(selector).tags(index)


For a one off:

$ grunt build

To build continuously:

$ grunt watch


$ grunt test


If you spot a bug, experience browser incompatibility, or have feature requests, please submit them here.

If you want to hack away to provide a new feature/bug-fix, please follow these guidelines:

  • Make changes to the coffeescript and sass files, not js/css. This is to ensure that the next person who comes in and edits upstream from js/css will not overwrite your changes.
  • Create a pull request for your feature branch, updating README documentation if necessary




Max Lahey