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Gogs (Go Git Service) Docker Image

Latest version: 0.6.1 (fabric8/gogs:0.6.1)

This image runs Gogs with SSH & web access.

To configure Gogs, you can either mount a config file at /opt/gogs/custom/conf/app.ini or use environment variables to configure all options. Specifying a config file will prevent environment variables from taking effect: options are not merged.

All options in the config file are configurable via environment variables using a special format for the name:


All environment variables prefixed with GOGS_ will be used to create the /opt/gogs/custom/conf/app.ini file. The section name is optional, but the key name is required. Notice the double underscore between SECTION_NAME & KEY_NAME. For example, to override the user to run Gogs as (RUN_USER) you can specify:


Or to override the database type (DB_TYPE key in [database] section) you can specify:


If a section contains a . (invalid env var for bash) then replace . with an _, e.g. use GOGS_OAUTH_GOOGLE__ENABLED for the section ENABLED key.

Reference config links:

Creating an initial admin user

By default, Gogs comes without a default admin user. This is great for security, but not great when you're trying to integrate automated setups. This Docker image allows you to create a default admin user by specifying some environment variables:

  • ADMIN_USER_CREATE: Should an admin user be created (default: true)
  • ADMIN_USER_NAME: Login for admin user (default: gogsadmin)
  • ADMIN_USER_PASSWORD: Password for admin user (default: admin123)
  • ADMIN_USER_EMAIL: Email address for admin user (default: gogs@fabric8.local)


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