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Placeholder Services

SUMMARY: A roundup of Lorem Ipsum and image placeholder services.

Here are some Rails Gems for creating Lorem Ipsum placeholders:

There are a lot of Lorem Ipsum generator services out there (some of them are kind of funny):

  1. html-ipsum
  2. lipsum
  3. Fillerama
  4. Samuel L. Ipsum
  5. Hipster Ipsum
  6. Gangsta Lorem Ipsum
  7. Cupcake Ipsum
  8. Bacon Ipsum
  9. T'lipsum 10 Picksum Ipsum

Image placeholders in different sizes and styles are also plentiful. The second link will give you a pretty comprehensive list to choose from, followed by two that are not included in the list that I list separately for thoroughness:

  1. The Ruby Toolbox - Image Placeholders
  2. List of Dummy Image Generators
  3. Functional Placeholder Images
  4. Holder.js