Python package to access OLAP data sources.
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This package is meant for accessing xmla datasources - see


In this directory, run:

python build


Tests are done against the Mondrian, SSAS, icCube XMLA providers. The testsDiscover module tests behavior with different XMLA providers with the Discover command while testsExecute does the same with the Execute command. Note that you likely need to modify the sources if you want to test yourself since they contain specifics (namely the location of the services and names of the data sources).


Here is an example how to use it:

import olap.xmla.xmla as xmla

p = xmla.XMLAProvider()
# mondrian
c = p.connect(location="http://localhost:8080/mondrian/xmla")
# to analysis services (if iis proxies requests at /olap/msmdpump.dll)
# you will need a valid kerberos principal of course
# c = p.connect(location="https://my-as-server/olap/msmdpump.dll", 
#               sslverify="/path/to/my/as-servers-ca-cert.pem")
# to icCube
# c = p.connect(location="http://localhost:8282/icCube/xmla", username="demo", 
#               password="demo")

# getting info about provided data
print c.getDatasources()
print c.getMDSchemaCubes()
# for ssas a catalog is needed, so the call would be like
# get a catalogname from a call to c.getDBSchemaCatalogs()
# c.getMDSchemaCubes(properties={"Catalog":"a catalogname"})

# execute a MDX (working against the foodmart sample catalog of mondrian)
cmd= """select {[Measures].ALLMEMBERS} * {[Time].[1997].[Q2].children} on columns, 
[Gender].[Gender].ALLMEMBERS on rows 
from [Sales]

res = c.Execute(cmd, Catalog="FoodMart")
#return only the Value property from the cells
# or two props
res.getSlice(properties=["Value", "FmtValue"]) 

# to return some subcube from the result you can
# return all
# carve out the 4th column
# same as above, SlicerAxis is ignored
res.getSlice(Axis0=3, SlicerAxis=0) 
# return the data sliced at the 2nd and 3rd row
# return the data sliced at the 2nd and 3rd row and at the 4th column
res.getSlice(Axis0=3, Axis1=[1,2]) 

Using the procedural interface:

import olap.xmla.xmla as xmla

p = xmla.XMLAProvider()
c = p.connect(location="http://localhost:8080/mondrian/xmla")
s = p.getOLAPSource()

# import olap.interfaces as oi
# oi.IOLAPSource.providedBy(s) == True


cmd= """select {[Measures].ALLMEMBERS} * {[Time].[1997].[Q2].children} on columns, 
[Gender].[Gender].ALLMEMBERS on rows 
from [Sales]


The contained vs.wsdl originates from the following package: and was subsequently modified (which parameters go in the soap header) to work with the suds package.olap.xmla