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HAPI Project

Zero-footprint Autonomous Food Production

Our purpose

We have a plan to transform conventional agriculture from one of the top polluting activities on Earth to zero-footprint, autonomous food production. Imagine friendly robots growing and raising organic, non-gmo food for you, your family and community. The first step towards that vision is an integrated suite of sensors and controls. We call it an automation platform.

Once this first stage of the vision is complete, we’ll begin adding “sustainable appliances”; equipment that integrates with the automation platform and fulfills key aspects of food production from generating heat from sunlight, to cleaning recycled water, to dehydrating produce. The design of these appliances is focused on minimizing the energy, water and labor inputs for food production.

With a constant stream of data flowing from indoor farms and a diverse array of sustainable appliances, we’ll unleash true food system transformation by developing the intelligent algorithms that will maximize production while minimizing cost

Under heavy development

We're currently under heavy development. We would love to have you participate! Drop us a note and we'll add you into our product development Slack server so you can keep up with the latest.


The default developing platform is Raspbian, a GNU/Linux Distribution for Raspberry Pi. We can't provide any further information about other distributions, but we strongly believe it won't be a problem to run as long as you have all the requirements. Note: we can say that Linux Mint and Arch Linux were used to run some tests, though.

Development Requirements

Smart Module

See src/smart-module/README.rst for details about smart module.

Node (HAPInode)



Wiki Page

Don't forget to check our Read The Docs. Note: we're currently redefining a few things. You might want to check it again later.

HAPI Read The Docs

Open Source

HAPI is an open project, meaning anyone and everyone can participate to the best of their ability. While many aspects of the project are highly technical, there are also areas where non-technical expertise is needed.

If you would like to see what’s going on and what cool stuff we’ll be working on next, contact us.


If you have any question or sugestion, you can contact us through the link below.

However if you have found any problem or just want to make a suggestion, please check the Issue page.

System Overview

System Overview of the HAPI Project

Please note: we're currently working on the system design. Some changes on this image will probably be necessary in the near future.


Hydro­ponic Automa­tion Plat­form Ini­tia­tive (HAPI)








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