A GroupMe chatbot that sends pictures of cats and dogs
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floof bot

A GroupMe chatbot that sends pictures of cute, fluffy dogs and cats! Uses the dog.ceo API for getting pictures of dogs and thecatapi.com for pictures of cats. Supports a lot of different dog breeds and sub-breeds (list).

Use the floof bot in your own chat

There are a few simple steps involved here.

  1. Deploy the app to Heroku using the button below. Give it a memorable name; we will need it later.


  2. Create a bot user at the GroupMe dev site. Assign it to the chat you want to add it, give it a name and an avatar, and for the callback URL, use https://<name>.herokuapp.com where <name> corresponds to the name you used in step #1.

  3. Now copy the "bot ID" field on the GroupMe dev site.

  4. Go to your app dashboard on Heroku (clicking "Manage" when the install finishes in step #1) and in the settings tab, change the config variable GROUPME_BOT_ID from default to the value you copied in step #3.

  5. We are done now! Trigger the bot in your chat by saying "dog" or "cat" or "floof" or "cloud" or any of the breeds of dogs from the list linked above.