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Commits on Jul 19, 2012
  1. @danpoltawski

    weekly release 2.3.1+

    danpoltawski authored
  2. @danpoltawski
Commits on Jul 17, 2012
  1. @samhemelryk

    MDL-32948: Improved help for "Require students click submit button" s…

    Damyon Wiese authored samhemelryk committed
    Describes the effect of changing this setting after students have submitted.
  2. @samhemelryk

    MDL-34217: Swap short and long text for setting in assignment module

    Damyon Wiese authored samhemelryk committed
  3. @andrewnicols @samhemelryk
  4. @FMCorz @nebgor
  5. @FMCorz @nebgor

    MDL-33767 Course: The actions on default section redirect to the corr…

    FMCorz authored nebgor committed
    …ect section
  6. @jleyva @danpoltawski
  7. @jleyva @danpoltawski

    MDL-34083 Deleted user_files from backup options

    jleyva authored danpoltawski committed
  8. @samhemelryk
  9. @rwijaya

    MDL-33575 choice module: add label to checkbox element when privacy o…

    rwijaya authored
    …f results is set to publish full results
  10. Automatically generated installer lang files

    AMOS bot authored
  11. @dmonllao @samhemelryk

    MDL-30876 filter_mediaplugin Wrapping the style sheets access with tr…

    dmonllao authored samhemelryk committed
    …y & catch
Commits on Jul 16, 2012
  1. @danpoltawski
  2. @nebgor @danpoltawski

    MDL-26587 Question : fixed restoring shortanswer where answers are mi…

    nebgor authored danpoltawski committed
    …ssing due to data error in mbz file.
  3. @danpoltawski
  4. @danpoltawski
  5. @rajeshtaneja
  6. @danpoltawski
  7. @danpoltawski
  8. @danpoltawski

    Merge branch 'w29_MDL-34271_m23_mysqlcollation' of git://…

    danpoltawski authored
    …kodak/moodle into MOODLE_23_STABLE
  9. @danpoltawski
  10. @marinaglancy @danpoltawski
  11. @samhemelryk
  12. @danpoltawski
  13. @davosmith @samhemelryk
Commits on Jul 15, 2012
  1. @samhemelryk
  2. @samhemelryk
  3. @samhemelryk
  4. @samhemelryk
  5. @samhemelryk
  6. @samhemelryk
  7. @samhemelryk

    MDL-34258: Plagiarism API now returns strings so mod_assign needs the…

    Damyon Wiese authored samhemelryk committed
    …se updates
  8. @mackensen @samhemelryk

    MDL-27563 shibboleth: set context on login page

    mackensen authored samhemelryk committed
  9. @barbararamiro @samhemelryk
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