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Operating Systems
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Operating Systems - CS330 Assignments

This repo was created as a part of Operating Systems course. We were supposed to use Gem5 Architectural Simulator to create some basic functionalities of an Operating System. The course was undertaken under Prof. Debadatta Mishra.

For the first assignment, I implemented Page Table Walking and the whole logic behind it. We used multi-level page tables and learned the whole concept of virtual to physical memory mappings.

For the second assignment, I worked on privileged mode expceptions (like div-by-zero, page-faults) and operations like write, expand and shrink for memory pages.

For the third assignment, I implemented various signals (like SIGSEGV, SIGFPE, SIGALRM), syscalls like sleep() and clone() and a round-robin scheduling policy for the newly cloned process.

The final assignment happened in user-land and I worked on implemented a FUSE-based file system and opted for an ext-2 like design.


AUTHOR: Mayank Sharma


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