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Session Material

Techloop A+


IEEE-VIT introduces it's Techloop series and this repository will contain the session material as well as Tasks concerned with the topic Android App Development.


  1. Fork this repository to your account. You will be redirected to your repository with the link<your-username>/techloop-A-plus
  2. Clone that repository. Inside the users folder, make a new folder and name it as your username.
  3. Inside users/<your-username>, create a file about_me.txt and write few lines about yourself.
  4. The directory should look like
└── users
    └── <your-username>
        └── about_me.txt

  1. Make all the changes. push them to your repository using
git add .
git commit -m <your-message>
git push -u origin master
  1. Once this is done, open a pull-request and the PR will be reviewed by one of the seniors and then merged with the repository

Updating your repo

  1. If your repository has the header this repository is behind original repository by 3 commits
  2. do this
git pull master