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blender OSC addon to be used with nodes
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OSC support for nodes and general usage.

This add-on does not require any other add-on to work.

Currently it has node support for


latest release from here


Always restart the server after any changes to the settings.

Video Tutorial

NodeOSC Part One

see the wiki for more info.

I think it is fairly self explanatory (with some intricacies). However, if you have questions please make an issue. This helps me to see where I should focus on the docs...


written by maybites (2020)

inspired by and code used from

NodeOSC relies on

the addon contains the compiled pyliblo wrapper for windows and OSX, but not for linux.



Fixed (hopefully) the reference of the dynamic link library for liblo.


It plays now nice if liblo library is not installed


Moved the transformation of AnimationNodes datatype DoubleList into the node.


Added AnimationNodes datatype DoubleList to be able to send via OscNumber node.


pyliblo on osx

  • download and install liblo via homebrew.

  • then download the pyliblo wrapper and build it.

  • the pyliblo library ( requires changes of the dynamic link library paths: (described here).

    install_name_tool -change /usr/local/opt/liblo/lib/liblo.7.dylib @loader_path/liblo.7.dylib

    install_name_tool -add_rpath @loader_path/.

    this way it looks for the liblo.7.dylib next to itself and not inside the folder homebrew stored it.

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