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Spout for Blender
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Spout addon for Blender

Spout for Blender allows to stream spout streams from blender.

This works only for Windows 10 64 bit.


my personal preference to install addons:

  1. create a folder called 'blender' inside documents (or any other name at a suitable location) and create the following folder structure inside:
  • scripts
    • addons
    • modules
  1. download the addon, unzip it and drop the 'spout' folder inside the addons-folder

  2. download the Python SpoutSDK-library and drop it inside the modules-folder.

(if somebody knows a better way to deal with the library, please let me know, but putting it next to the init_ files doesn't work)

inside blender:

  1. Menu > Edit > Preferences > FilePaths > Data > Scripts > select the 'scripts' folder you created above.

  2. restart blender.

  3. Menu > Edit > Preferences > Add-addons

  4. Select tab 'TESTING'. you should now see the plugin called 'Render: Spout'

  5. Enable it, save preferences and close preferences.


Currently it is only possible to send Spout streams, but not to receive them.

For streaming you need a Camera object.

The plugin adds a Panel to the Camera properties called 'Streaming Texture'. The following properties are available:

  • The streaming name is fixed to the camera name.
  • capture/streaming resolution.

You should be able to create as many Cameras with streams as you wish.

The render settings are currently taken from the main 3d View settings.


  • Some Nvdia GFX-cards have a rendering problem in EEVEE when the render method is set to 'LookDev' and 'Rendered'. There is a bug report open where you can add your hardware specs if you encounter this issue.


No, this addon is unable to stream syphon on OSX. But I had a chat with the syphon developers and it is feasible to make it happen, too. The only thing that is needed is an Objective-C -> Python wrapper, which is doable. But unfortunately this is beyond my development abilities. If you think you have the necessary skills, please contact me. I would like to see Syphon for Blender happening, too.


Blender Plugin by Martin Froehlich.

Special Thanks:

Obviously Lyn Jarvis for developing Spout in the first place. And without the Spout for Python library developed by Ryan Walker and the valuable hint from Jonas Dichelle I would still dab in darkness...

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