DAB/DAB+ receiver for use with rtl-sdr sticks
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DAB/DAB+ receiver to use with rtl-sdr sticks


  • FIC decoding

  • Simple BER Analysis (more to come)

  • Mode I supported

  • Ability to inject faults into the receiver. I need this for my PhD thesis to find out if power could be saved by tolerating faults in the receiver. More info: http://davidmay.org/research.html

This project uses snippets from:



  • FIC decoding (i.e. correct crc check) works, however source files need to be cleaned up and added to repository.


  • Finally I found the motivation to work again on this project. The first steps will be to fix the synchronization algorithms


  • Synchronization issues are fixed now. Syncing and tuning is working surprisingly well. There is still an issue with the first data symbol which is used for the FIC. The CRC of the first 4 FIGs is always wrong. Sounds like a simple mapping issue, however I was not able to find the problem.


$ git clone git@github.com:maydavid/rtl-dab.git
$ cd rtl-dab
$ cmake .
$ src/rtl_dab <frequency in Hz>