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Modern and exciting magical Button by PWA Fire Developer , available at PWA Fire Codelabs. Find Demo buttons LIVE on Project PWA Fire made Progressive Web App here

using pwafire-button

To your pages, add "pwafire-button" class to your button. Copy the code snippet from pwafire-button css here and save it as button.css to your project. Check example below;

<!-- to-your-button -->
<a class="pwafire-button" href="">Learn more here</a>

Add a link tag to all the pages that encompass our web app inside the head tag, as follows;

<!-- in your head tag-->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/button.css">


License License url
MIT License View License

Support us

Donate a star, like, follow and contribute in any way. Be sure to use PWA Fire Button. If you use PWA Fire Button, kindly let us know via JUST simply Tweet us.