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PWA Fire Bundle

Build Scalable Progressive Web Apps/First Experiences Today. We're Helping You Build Better For The Modern Web.

Build Status

What's NEW?

We just announced PWA Fire Bundle 4.0.1.

Custom Install Button and Share Button

In this release we have added custom install button and custom share button features.

  1. Get started with Install Button here

  2. Get started with Share Button here

Get Started with PWA Fire Bundle

PWA Fire Bundle is an open source Progressive Web App javascript and json Bundle that allows you to convert your website into a Progressive Web App or build one in a few minutes.

It is the most simplest way you can ever convert your web app or website into a 100% Progressive Web App and still have some fun with the code. It doesn't make you a lazy code beast.

What to do first // Required

Create two empty files in your project's root folder ; service-worker.js and app.webmanifest. N/B: Make sure to make the configuration changes as documented below.

Configuration // setup

Get started with configuring the code in this setup guide here

Features // Roadmap

  1. Installable App

  2. Offline Capabilities

  3. Push notification add-on

  4. Web Manifest Generator Tool

  5. Browser Compatiblity Test Tool

  6. Workbox Service Worker - NPM

  7. Background Sync Add

  8. Native App Install Banner

  9. Badging API Add (Beta)

  10. Web Share Add

  11. Custom Install Button

  12. Propose your Feature by Creating an Issue

View Progressive Web Apps Built with PWA Fire Bundle

Progressive Web App Web App Link Progressive Web App Web App Link
Maye Edwin View Now PWAFire.Org View Now
GDG Eldoret View Now GDG Kenya View Now
GDG Jalandhar View Now I/O Extended Eldoret View Now
Soko Brand View Now DevFest Rift Valley View Now
NettyFinder View Now ICAFulokoja View Now

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License License url
MIT License View License

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