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A micro-js framework for building firebase data powered components
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Teacupjs, a Firebase Cloud Firestore JS Illustration

Author : Maye Edwin

"This is work in progress but you could play with it anytime"

A Micro-framework for building Firebase Cloud Firestore data powered components including other Firebase integrations such firebase cloud messaging, authentication, functions, storage e.t.c.

View demo app ◉‿◉

In the ./demo directory, preview the demo app. The Frontend is being built using mobile-first approach; therefore the Desktop roll-up is gonna be Progressive!

So, using your favourite browser's dev tools, view the mobile version : )

 Alert : Person, the desktop roll-up first preview is out!

Setting up

You'll need to create a Firestore.js in the root folder and copy firebase config to it from the firebase console. Remember to initialize cloud firestore in this file after creating it as shown below.

// Initialize Cloud Firestore through Firebase
  apiKey: "### FIREBASE API KEY ###",
  authDomain: "### FIREBASE AUTH DOMAIN ###",
  projectId: "### CLOUD FIRESTORE PROJECT ID ###"

const db = firebase.firestore();

db.enablePersistence().catch(function(err) {
  if (err.code == "failed-precondition") {
    // Multiple tabs open, persistence can only be enabled
    // in one tab at a a time.
    // ...
  } else if (err.code == "unimplemented") {
    // The current browser does not support all of the
    // features required to enable persistence
    // ...
// Subsequent queries will use persistence, if it was enabled successfully

Find the complete firestore setup guide here

Firestore demo data

Here, you'll need to manually add demo data in Cloud Firestore for your Project in the Firebase console; In a meals collection with each document having an automatic ID generated and fields should be as shown below!

   name : string
   price : number
   rating : number

Style guide ◉‿◉

  • Component based syntax with es6 modules!

  • Use es6 syntax all through!

  • Vanilla JS, best of Loves!

  • Names of all Components files should start with a Uppercase letter

  • Functional Components recommended ( but Class components are okay too)

  • Use Function/Class expression syntax when defining a Function/Class

  • Single name Function name recommended. Should start with a lowercase letter.

  • All variables name should be lowercase or if in any case, double named, then; typeSecond format to be used

  • Remember to end all expressions with a semi-colon

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