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Workbox-Service-Worker - Codelab for PWA Fire Bundle 4.0.0

We just announced PWA Fire Bundle 4.0.0 which allows you to build a progressive web app more easily and in a more fun way.

What's PWA Fire Bundle?

An open source javascript and json bundle that allows you to convert your existing website into a progressive web app or build one in a few.

What's NEW?

  1. In this release, we are using workbox; which is a set of libraries and Node modules that make it easy to cache assets and take full advantage of features used to build Progressive Web Apps.

  2. Use of PWA Fire App Template. This allows you to use our sample progressive web app template which is designed with all progressive web app best practises and strutured ready for PWA Fire Bundle 4.0.0 use.

PWA Fire Bundle 4.0.0 Web Codelab

In this codelab, you will learn about getting started with PWA Fire Bundle 4.0.0 for your next Progressive Web App project. Get started with the docs

Engage us

Donate a star, like, follow and contribute in any way. If you use PWA Fire Developer Resources, kindly let us know. JUST simply Tweet us.