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nanoPage is a minimal, fully functional, static flat file CMS based on Haskell Spock.
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nanoPage is a

  • minimal,
  • static,
  • flat file CMS
  • based on Haskell Spock.

It is suitable for small websites or microsites with mostly static content.

Content is stored as Markdown, and edited offline using any Markdown editor. A nanoPage website is published by compiling both source code and static content. The resulting executable is fully self-contained with web-server and content. As such, it is fast, easy to deploy and easy to secure. A demo is running on

nanoPage is covered by the very permissive MIT license. The source code can be found on github. A demo app is also available on github, if you are interested in nanoPage you should start there.

Documentation can be found in and also on the demo site at

nanoPage development is currently in the alpha stage. Critique, suggestions, and contributions, are most welcome.

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