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Customize Visual Studio Window Title - VS Extension


This is the official repository for:

Initial release page here:


This lightweight extension allows changing the window title of Visual Studio to include a folder tree with a configurable min depth and max depth distance from the solution/project file, and the use of special tags to help with many other possible scenarios (Git, Mercurial, TFS...).

Solution-specific overriding rules are available as well to cover virtually any possible renaming needs.

It can also be configured so that the rules apply only when at least two instances of Visual Studio are running with the same window title.


Full documentation is available on the Visual Studio Marketplace page.

Supported editions

Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017+.

Visual Studio 2010 support has been dropped due to limitations imposed by Microsoft's VSIX format to support Visual Studio 2017. The last stable release supporting Visual Studio 2010 can however be downloaded here.

You are welcome to contribute to this project!