Connect an OXID eShop with the Bepado network.
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#Mayflower OXID-Bepado-Module

This repository contains a module-extension for the OXID eShop Community Edition v4.9 by OXID eSales. It supports OXID eShop Enterprise Edition as well.

Its purpose is to connect your OXID shop to the Bepado network and hence enabling you to offer imported products from remote shops to top off your range of products. Your customer will have the experience of ordering his/her products in your shop while this module and Bepado will handle the transaction concerning remote products with no inconvenience to yourself as shop owner.

Accordingly you can export your products to Bepado so other shops can sell them and hence enlarging your pool of customers.

What is Bepado?

For further information about the Bepado network go to (german site).


For information on how to set up this module extension go to setup


For Information on how to IMPORT products from Bepado to your shop go to import

For Information on how to EXPORT products from your shop to Bepado go to export


The Mayflower OXID-Bepado-Modules code is subject to the GPLv3 for compatibility with OXID eShop Community Edition and subject to a proprietary license for the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition.

Users of OXID Enterprise Edition

If you are a Enterprise Edition user, please contact us for further information how to license and use the shop connector for your Enterprise Edition.