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W​eb A​pplication ST​ack for E​xtreme D​evelopment

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This is a generic vagrant box (ubuntu) with php, mysql, composer and nginx and preconfigured vhosts for:

  • Symfony2
  • Zend Framework 1


How to get WASTED

WASTED is designed to be used with an existing git repository (containing your application). Check out the Setup section of this document for instructions. If you want to get WASTED without an existing project see the Notes section.


Adding WASTED to your project

Switch to the root of your existing git repository and execute the following commands:

git subtree add --prefix vagrant master --squash

This requires that there is no existing vagrant directory.

Note on git-subtree

git-subtree was first added to git with 1.7.11 in May 2012. If it isn't available on your machine see the installation instructions. All git subtree commands accept a --squash flag to squash the subtree commits into one commit.


All configuration happens in the devstack.yaml which gets created when running the bootstrap above. You may add a local_devstack.yaml in which you can overwrite configuration in devstack.yaml e.g. when using different IP or box name.

TODO Document devstack.yaml possibilities


To update the devstack use (from the root of your git repository):

git subtree pull --prefix vagrant master --squash


Once you completed the steps described in the Setup section just do a vagrant up. r10k will first bootstrap your local Puppet modules and after that the provisioning process will be started. This might not work if you are using non-Virtualbox providers.

Additional information for windows users

  • For all Users of Windows NT based Systems (Windows 2000, Vista, 7 and 8) with using NTFS Filesystem (is the default)
    • You can use the vagrant\bootstrap.cmd to work in the same way that is described in the Adding WASTED to your project section.
  • All other Window Users:
    • You have to run vagrant up from the vagrant subdirectory
    • You have to edit your C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file manually


Recommended Plugins

The config makes use of but does not require:

  • vagrant-cachier (Package file caching)
  • vagrant-hostmanager (/etc/hosts management)

To update vbox guest extensions automatically you can use:

  • vagrant-vbguest


If you are using LXC (instead of VirtualBox) obviously you should have lxc and a recent kernel (>3.5) installed.

WASTED without an existing project

If you do not (yet) have a project to use with WASTED the easiest way to test WASTED is to create a dummy repository:

# create directory, switch to new directory and initialize git repository
mkdir dummy_project && cd dummy_project && git init
# create a file and commit it to ensure there is a HEAD for the subtree command to work with
touch dummy_file && git add dummy_file && git commit dummy_file -m "Initial commit"

Your dummy repository is now ready for use with WASTED. Just follow the instruction from the Setup section.

Requirements for vagrant boxes

WASTED requires Puppet >= 3.7.0 to work correctly, which is included in the default boxes. Otherwise it will fail with a cryptic error due to a bug in contain on fully qualified class names:

Error: undefined method 'ref' for nil:NilClass

In case you stab your toe on this using the mayflower/trusty64-puppet3 box run vagrant box update


For development of WASTED create a staging directory and clone the WASTED repository directly into the vagrant directory.

mkdir wasted_development && cd wasted_development
git clone vagrant

Now you can hack on WASTED code as you would usually do while still retaining the ability to bootstrap and use it like described in the setup section.

Merge changes back from within your project

If WASTED was subtree merged into your project and changes were made inside the vagrant directory that you would like to contribute, you need to use git subtree push.

If you have push access you may create a new branch directly and then submit a pull request:

git subtree push --prefix vagrant $BRANCH_NAME

Otherwise please fork this repository and then create a pull request from your fork:

git subtree push --prefix vagrant$YOUR_USER/wasted $BRANCH_NAME


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