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API wrapper for Notion's database [WIP]
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Notabase (WIP)

API Wrapper For Notion's Database

Getting Started


yarn add notabase


import Notabase from 'notabase'

// node env

// just Read public data
let nb = new Notabase()

// CRUD support
let nb = new Notabase({
  token: <token_v2>

// browser env
// without authCode Read public data
// with authCode CRUD support
let nb = new Notabase({
  proxy: {
    url: <cloudflare worker url>,
    authCode: <>

// get my music data
let db = await nb.fetchAll({
  songs: "",
  albums: "",
  artists: ""

// get all songs
let allSongs = db.songs.rows
// get song by index
let song = allSongs[0]

// get one song's title (base props)

// get artist's name of the song (related props)
console.log(`${song.artist[0].Name}`) // a song maybe has two or more artists

// search song by title in song's table
let aSong = allSongs.find(song=> song.title === "Bad Guy")

// search all song by artist's name in song's table
let songByArtistName = allSongs.filter(song=> song.artist[0].name === "someone")
// search all song by artist's name in artist's table
songByArtistName = db.artists.rows.filter(a=> === "someone").songs



  • collection.addRow({title:"",Tags:["tag1"]}) // add new row
  • collection.Tags = [...collection.Tags, newTag] // modify tags or mutil-select


  • row.delete() // delete a row
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