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// Hand: TH JH QC QD QS Deck: QH KH AH 2S 6S Best hand:
const straight_flush = 1;
// Hand: 2H 2S 3H 3S 3C Deck: 2D 3D 6C 9C TH Best hand:
const four_of_a_kind = 2;
// Hand: 2H 2S 3H 3S 3C Deck: 2D 9C 3D 6C TH Best hand:
const full_house = 3;
// Hand: 2H AD 5H AC 7H Deck: AH 6H 9H 4H 3C Best hand:
const flush = 4;
// Hand: AC 2D 9C 3S KD Deck: 5S 4D KS AS 4C Best hand:
const straight = 5;
// Hand: KS AH 2H 3C 4H Deck: KC 2C TC 2D AS Best hand:
const three_of_a_kind = 6;
// Hand: AH 2C 9S AD 3C Deck: QH KS JS JD KD Best hand:
const two_pairs = 7;
// Hand: 6C 9C 8C 2D 7C Deck: 2H TC 4C 9S AH Best hand:
const one_pair = 8;
// Hand: 3D 5S 2H QD TD Deck: 6S KH 9H AD QH Best hand:
const highest_card = 9;
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