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Bamboo API client for python
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Python Bamboo API

Client for Bamboo REST API, providing basic authentication and a few methods to fetch plans, builds and deployments.


Install from pypi:

pip install bamboo_api


Example use:

from bamboo_api import BambooAPIClient

bamboo = BambooAPIClient(user='admin', password='admin')
for build in bamboo.get_builds():
    # do something with builds results...

By default it will return the latest build for every plan, but you can also specify a single plan to fetch all the builds for it, and expand to get more detailed information:

bamboo = BambooAPIClient(user='admin', password='admin')
for build in bamboo.get_builds(plan_key='MYPRJ-KEY', expand=True):
    # do something with builds results... The REST API can return master builds by label, passing in an array of labels

labels = ['lab1','lab2']
for build in bamboo.get_builds(labels=labels, max_result=25):
    # do something with builds by label

If you want to return a list of master and branch builds, one way is to use the label/viewBuildsForLabel.action endpoint. Unfortunately this is a HTML interface. We can scrape behind the scenes to provide a callabel interface. You can then pass to get_build, get_results etc as usual:

builds = bamboo.get_builds_by_label(labels=labels)
for key in set(map(lambda x: x['planKey'], builds)):
    results = bamboo.get_results(plan_key=key)

The following keys are supported

  • buildKey
  • planKey
  • projectKey This API supports multiple expands options, provided as a list

    valid_expands = set(['artifacts',

The expand item(s) will be prefixed with 'results.result' as described in

NOTE: The Bamboo 5.1x REST API may have issues with multiple expands.

Supported Methods

The supported methods are:

  • get_builds: generator that yields builds
  • get_deployments: generator that yields deployment projects
  • get_environment_results: generator that yields deployment results
  • get_plans: generator that yields plans
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