Download your own private video sound track from YouTube.
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This little software is made for learning purpose and to demonstrate some primitive programming logic. This software should be used own private uploaded materials. This software is made as is and developer is not responsible for its usage. It is highly encouraged to read and respect YouTube policy and copyright note. You are welcome to continue improving it for learning purpose. The software is license under MIT license agreement.


Third party packages/libraries:

  • MediaToolkit
  • Newtonsoft.Json
  • NSubstitute
  • NUnit
  • Shouldly
  • VideoLibrary
  • Costura.Fody

Issue Tracking

If you find an issue, please file a report here


I welcome contributors to join developing this tool. If you like so, please email me: If you find bugs, please report.

How to use

Complie and Run the console program and followed by -h


MIT License