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You can make a bot which translates your tweets simultaneously in only 3 steps.

  1. Making Microsoft Translator App

  2. Making a twitter account and app for the bot

  3. Deploying this program to Heroku

This app doesn't support closed twitter account.


1. Make Microsoft Translator App

You can use Microsoft Translator Api for free. First, access Microsoft Translator | Microsoft Azure Marketplace and sign up 2,000,000 Characters/month. (If you don't have Microsoft Account, please create one.) Next, access Developers and click "register" button at the bottom of page. Fill in the blanks of client ID, Name and Redirect URI. These can be anything you want.

Note the client ID and Client Secret, and click "CREATE" button. Please log in with the account for the bot which you've made earlier.

2. Make a twitter account and app for the bot

First, access Welcome to Twitter - Login or Sign up and create an account for the bot you use. Next, access Twitter Application Management and click "create new up" button. Fill in the blanks as you like, read Developer Agreement and agree to it, then click the "Create your Twitter application" button. At this time, this bot can't post, so click "Permissions" tab, select "Read and Write", and then click "Update Settings" button. At last, move to "Keys and Access Tokens" tab and click the "Create my access token" button at the bottom of this page.

Please note Consumer Key (API Key), Consumer Secret (API Secret), Access Token and Access Token Secret.

3. Deploy this program to Heroku

Click the Deploy button bellow.


Fill in the blanks. The table below show you what you need.

Parameter What you need
LANGUAGE_FROM The language you use *1
LANGUAGE_TO The language the bot translate tweets to *1
MENTION_NOT_INCLUDE Not include mentions or do *2
USER_IDS The ids (@ ~~~ )(Please split with ",") *3
TRANS_CLIENT_ID client ID which you note creating Microsoft App
TRANS_CLIENT_SECRET Client Secret (Microsoft App)
BOT_CONSUMER_KEY Consumer Key (Twitter)
BOT_CONSUMER_SECRET Consumer Secret (Twitter)
BOT_ACCESS_TOKEN Access Token (Twitter)
BOT_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET Access Token Secret (Twitter)

*1 Language must be specified ad "en", "ja", "fr" etc. You can see language code at this page. Translator Language Codes

*2 If you set this paramete "false" (not "False" or "FALSE"), bot tarnslates mention tweets. This is not recommended because this translated reply will be passed to the user you talk to. This may disturb him/her.

*3 Like this: "today_pi_bot,today_prime_bot, HatenastarRank"

Don't include "@" please.

After filling in the all blanks, click 'Deploy for Free' button. At last, activate the bot with moving bar to 1 at the "Resources" tab.