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Missing export of werase
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2 parents 34687e2 + f03bcbd commit 2c1d9bdeceb606ddcda6663c71f6932ce2b92e57 @mazenharake committed May 28, 2012
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@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
%% Application API
-export([refresh/0, cbreak/0, nocbreak/0, echo/0, noecho/0, addch/1, addstr/1,
- move/2, getyx/0, getmaxyx/0, curs_set/1, erase/0, has_colors/0,
+ move/2, getyx/0, getmaxyx/0, curs_set/1, werase/1, erase/0, has_colors/0,
start_color/0, init_pair/3, attron/1, attroff/1, nl/0, nonl/0,
scrollok/2, mvaddch/3, mvaddstr/3, newwin/4, delwin/1, wmove/3,
waddstr/2, waddch/2, mvwaddstr/4, mvwaddch/4, wrefresh/1, hline/2,

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