HSize column value is truncated #17

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I have been using this tool for some days now and am finding it very useful. One issue however is that the HSize ( which happens to be the column that I am using most) is showing truncated values

E.g ordering on the column HSize:

Pid Registered Name Reductions MQueue HSize SSize HTot

    <0.563.0>  -                                5818505      0      156725   9      156725
    <0.476.0>  -                                 876170       0      832040   9      832040

If I do a process_info for the heap size on this process then I see the value {heap_size,15672560}.

Could you please advise how I can fix ?

Thanks for any assistance,
Devangana Tarafdar


Hi Devangana,

Try editing the file entop_format.erl, in the function init(). There you can see how much space HSize is set to (currently 6 characters). Change it to suite your needs.



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