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The MAZI Guestbook is a web-based application that allows users to post short texts and images without needing to sign-up. The posts are displayed in a composite view ordered by how recently they were uploaded. This application is part of the MAZI toolkit and is being developed as a generic application for sharing ideas, photos, and more, related to the specific place where a MAZI Zone is deployed (offline local services). Alternative views are enabled to allow slideshow views (e.g. for projection) or tablet viewing.

The application was initially developed by, to complement the Hybrid LetterBox:, offering a local offline application to view, comment, and add new cards through an end-device.

You can try out the current version of the Guestbook at MAZI's demo server here:

Please also note that the MAZI Guestbook is an under development application. We would appreciate receiving not only your feedback on bugs and desired features, but also your contributions in the code if you are a developer.

Guidelines for customizing your Guestbook (assuming you can use a remote terminal) are available here:

NEW: Since v.2 the most important customization procedures (header photo, main message, upload limits, and more) are possible through the web interface. You can access it through the special button available for Guestbook in the "Applications" menu, at the admin portal.

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