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πŸ–οΈ A repository to learn about open source code contributions flow
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Hello Open Source πŸ–οΈ

A repository to learn about open source code contributions flow (for beginner only)

❓ How to contribute

  • Fork this repo, read how to fork repo
  • Create branch with your github username, ex: add-mazipan.js. Never use the master branch to create PR. read how creating branch
  • Add your first file with file name github_username.js on the peoples/ directory in that branch.
  • Add code with your identity, ex:
module.exports = {
  name: 'YOUR_NAME',
  github: 'XXX',
  email: '',
  twitter: '@xxx',
  facebook: 'xxx',
  linkedin: 'in/xxx'
  • Create Pull-Request to master branch in this repository, read how creating PR
  • Don't forget to give 🌟 in this repository, you can check in stargazers page
  • You should follow github @mazipan
  • I will check your PRs and will add invalid label and close the PRs that not follow the steps
  • Have fun and welcome to open source world.
  • Keep in mind, quality is always number one when creating PRs.

πŸ’° Is this data collection?

No, this is only for learning purpose about git flow and open source contribution process.

πŸ₯Ά Do I need to attach my real name?

No, just put any data. Non-sense, we just wanna learn about open source contribution.

‡️ How do I retrieve someone's data?

git clone # clone the repo
cd hello-open-source # cd into the repo
node index.js caxvis # will return this person's named caxvis to you

πŸ—‘οΈ How to purge the data

Purge all data

yarn purge

You can specify a name(or more) to purge only those file(s)

yarn purge joe-bob kitty-luvr73

❌ I will purge the data periodically (monthly, via Travis Cronjob), so please expect your data will be deleted anytime

πŸ™ˆ Do it with your own risk

We don't collect the data, but there is chance for other people to abuse your data that is submitted here. Please do it with your own risk, we don't protect your data.

🚢 Next Step

This repo is for introduce to open source code contribution flow. After follow all steps, we expect you will know how to fork repository, how branching works, how to create good pull request and other things about contribution to open source code πŸ₯³.

πŸ‘‰ Don't stop here, please keep contribute to any open source code πŸ™.

Copyright Β© 2018 Irfan Maulana

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