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Spotimc is an addon that gives you access to the Spotify music service. It requires a Spotify premium account.

Please note that it's still in alpha stage, so expect things breaking here and there. There's lots of room for improvement, so contributions are very much appreciated.


This addon runs on XBMC Eden. Older XBMC versions are not supported.

Supported platforms

Windows, Linux and OSX. IOS not supported (yet).


Grab the latest release from the downloads, and inside XBMC go to Home > System > Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip file. Once installed you can run the addon from Home > Music > Addons > Spotimc.

Current Features

  • Recently added music
  • Playlists (folders are ignored, a flat list is shown)
  • Search
  • Album & Artist album browsing
  • Stars can be toggled for each track

Missing Features

  • No radio
  • No toplists
  • No Artist / Album reviews
  • No top tracks for an artist
  • Lists can't be sorted (playlists and search results)
  • No "add to playlist" commands
  • Track seeking not supported

Known Issues

  • From time to time, some tracks end prematurely
  • It may crash during shutdown
  • On some platforms a restart is required after shutdown
  • Occasionally tracks take too long to start


This product uses SPOTIFY CORE but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Seeleck for the logo and skin improvements.

Special thanks also for the CherryPy project, the DejaVu fonts project and the GNOME project (high contrast icons theme).

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