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The problem statement can be found here:

Greetings Folks,

So before things get really crazy with there being a half-dozen different versions of the code floating around, I set up a git repository for our Leonard Jones problem.

If you just want to poke around, go here:

If you want to contribute, register to github, if you haven't already and fire me an email with your username on github. I'll add you as a contributor asap.

If you are totally unfamiliar and want a horrible crash course, here are the main commands you'll need:

First, install git:

$ sudo apt-get install git

Mac, Download and install this:


Navigate to a folder you'd like to develop in:

$ git clone

BAAM! You've got the latest code.

Let's say you add this incredible file (fmanny.c) that fixes some of my fugly code, and you want everyone to see:

$ git add fmanny.c

This tells git that you want it to watch this file.

Now you're ready to show the world:

This line commits your changes to your local repository:
$ git commit -m 'fixed manuels garbage-of-a-code'

This line pushes it to the master repository for everyone to see/download for themselves:
$ git push origin master 

Want to check that your change was made?

$ git log

If you ever forget a git command:

$ git help

Or if you want more info on a command, add --help to it, like this:

$ git pull --help

All other commands are considered magic, and too complex for even me. :)