This is a fork from WildSideUK/Laravel-Userstamps that doesn't fire the "update" events on deletions
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Warning: This is a fork from WildSideUK/Laravel-Userstamps that doesn't fire the laravel "update" events on deletions. It's only purpouse is for the Virtuamx team to work with this lib while the WildSideUK team check for the issue 23. If they approve the pull request. This fork will be deprecated.

Provides an Eloquent trait to automatically maintain created_by and updated_by (and deleted_by when using SoftDeletes) on your models.


  • This package requires PHP 5.6+
  • It works with Laravel 5.x (and may work with earlier versions too).


Require this package with composer

composer require mazyvan/userstamps

Migrate your Model's table to include a created_by and updated_by (and deleted_by if using SoftDeletes).

$table -> unsignedInteger('created_by') -> nullable() -> default(null) -> after('created_at');
$table -> unsignedInteger('updated_by') -> nullable() -> default(null) -> after('updated_at');

Load the trait in your Model.

use Mazyvan\Userstamps\Userstamps;

class Example extends Model {

    use Userstamps;

The following methods become available on your models to help retrieve the users creating, updating and deleting (if using SoftDeletes).

$model -> creator; // the user who created the model
$model -> editor; // the user who last updated the model
$model -> destroyer; // the user who deleted the model

If you want to manually set the created_by or updated_by properties on your model you can stop Userstamps being automatically maintained using the stopUserstamping method.

If you want to define the created_by, updated_by, or deleted_by column names, add the following class constants to your model(s).

const CREATED_BY = 'created_by';
const UPDATED_BY = 'updated_by';
const DELETED_BY = 'deleted_by';


This open-source software is licensed under the MIT license.