record OpenGL of any application to create plastic models on the reprap using skeinforge, linuxCNC or the like
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ogldump - record OpenGL calls of any application and export
          the 3d mesh models to STL


	(c) 2009 Matthias Wenzel (reprap /a/ mazzoo /./ de)


	GPLv2. see file LICENSE


	type "make"


	tpye "export LD_PRELOAD=$PWD/".
	run your favorite OpenGL application. For starters you may want to
	try glxgears.
	get the object you want to rip in front of your eyes.
	you can now trigger recording 5000 OpenGL calls by sending a
	USR2 signal to the application, e.g.
	  killall -USR2 sauerbraten
	exit the app gracefully (don't kill it, press ctrl-c or alike)
	less than 5k of .stl files will be generated - as ogldump
	doesn't check for redundancy, so there are likely many duplicates
	in your newly generated .stl files. to remove them run the script

STL tools

	stl_norm inputfile(s).stl
		normalize stl files
		move stl object centered around the x and y zero axis,
		and above the z axis (positive z values only)
		scale object to fit in a bounding box
		[-BB_SZ/2, BB_SZ/2] [-BB_SZ/2, BB_SZ/2] [0, BB_SZ]
		BB_SZ is currently #defined to 4.0

	stl_process [options] inputfile(s).stl
		will always output a single out.stl file, combining one or
		multiple stl input files.

		-s factor : scale output by factor
		-x x_off  : when merging, add x_off per input file in the output
		-y y_off  : when merging, add y_off per input file in the output
		-z z_off  : when merging, add z_off per input file in the output
		-h        : show help

	stl_bin2ascii inputfile.stl
		convert inputfile.stl in binary STL format to an
		ascii formatted stl, emitted on stdout
		removes .stl duplicates (identical files) in the $PWD
		a blender script to render a large number of .stl files to a
		html website with png images. use like this:
		RENDER_STL="`echo ${PWD}/data/*.stl`" blender -P

	wrap more OpenGL functions
	wrap even more OpenGL functions
	write a wrapper program for the LD_PRELOAD stuff
	add options to select which OpenGL functions to wrap
	add stuff to trigger/start/stop recordings and/or single frames only

	often objects are empty, not sure why. is really experimental. it's in bad need of a autozoom function.