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PanWriter is a distraction-free markdown editor with two unique features:

  1. Tight integration with pandoc for import/export to/from plenty of file formats (including HTML, docx, LaTeX and EPUB).
  2. Preview pane that can show pages – including page breaks etc. Layout adjustments are immediately reflected in the preview.

Read the MANUAL for more info.

Download PanWriter

You also have to install pandoc to export to most formats.

Feedback, suggestions and contributions very much welcome! Please open an issue to start a conversation.


Install git (if you haven't already) and install Volta (which will make the correct Node.js and npm versions availlable in the project directory), then:

git clone
cd panwriter
npm ci

## To run the app in development mode:
npm run electron:dev

## To build distributable app package (goes to ./dist):
npm dist

Check out the package.json for more scripts to run.

Powered by

PanWriter is powered by (amongst other open source libraries):