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Scala.js example with a Spray server
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Scala.js example with a Spray server

This is a slightly overhauled version of Li Haoyi's client-server example described in Hands-on-Scala.js

Get started

  1. Install SBT
  2. Start SBT by typing sbt in this project's root directory
  3. Start the server: sbt> ~appJVM/re-start (this will automatically restart the server after editing a file)
  4. Point your browser to localhost:8080

Miscellaneous hints

  • You can shut down the server by hitting enter in the SBT console and typing re-stop. re stands for sbt-revolver.
  • Don't forget to reload in the SBT console after making changes to build.sbt
  • Instead of automatically restarting the server after changing a file with ~re-start, you can manually restart the server in the SBT console using ;appJVM/re-stop;reload;appJVM/re-start
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