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Mike Babineau <>
Script for moving logs files into and out of S3 using SQS messages for reference.
aws_logmover supports two modes:
push - Renames a file, uploads it to S3, and creates an SQS message containing the S3 location
pull - Reads in an SQS message, downloads the referenced file, then removes the message from the SQS queue
In push mode, file is renamed using the following convention: <unix time>.<hostname>.log.gz
-boto, a Python interface for Amazon Web Services (
-AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, read in from same-named environment
variables, from boto.cfg (see boto manual), or from a specified config file (see README).
Usage: [options]
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-m MODE, --mode=MODE mode of the task ("push" or "pull")
-q QUEUE, --queue=QUEUE
Amazon SQS queue name (ex: "acme_queue_1")
-f FILE, --file=FILE (push) file to be moved (ex: "/var/log/httpd.log.1.gz")
-b BUCKET, --bucket=BUCKET
(push) Amazon S3 bucket name (ex: "acme_bucket_1")
-o DIR, --output-dir=DIR
(pull) output directory for retrieved file (ex:
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