Verbose commands to pull all middleware images required for a fully disconnected cluster
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This is an unapolagetic verbose way to pull the middleware images you need for a disconnected install (not included ose-component images). Use this as a baseline to create whatever you need (tagging, pushing into another registry etc) The image list currently covers OCP 3.11 pulls the images from exports all the images you've pulled into a single tar file ~24Gb


Your system may need entitlements to these images (see the openshift docs on host prep)

git clone
cd ocp_image_scripts
chmod +x *.sh


I use jq to generate the rough list of images the streams are looking for. While logged into an openshift cluster:

oc get --export is -n openshift -o json | jq -r '.items[].spec.tags[]' > image-streams.json

Mod the image streams with jq

jq  '.items[].spec.tags[] +=  {"importPolicy": { "insecure": true } }' image-streams.json

Create the image streams with oc

oc create -f image-streams.json

Feel free to PR against this repo to do anything fancier