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Adenilson Cavalcanti
Adenilson Cavalcanti committed Apr 14, 2009
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libgcal changelog
Adenilson Cavalcanti (

== libgcal 0.9 (2009-04-20) ==

- porting to google data protocol 2.0;

- support for more contacts fields. Currently supported fields are:
name, email, telephone, job title, organization, address, notes, photo;

- support for retrieve/add/edit contact's photos;

- cmake based buildsystem (probably will migrate away from autotools
in next release). For while, both are shipped;

- small changes to make it compile/run happily with a C++ application;

- fix for non-ordered operations (I was testing sequence:
add/edit/delete). Non-ordered operations trigged a bug where
operations would fail because default package header was not correct;

- fix for using correct atom feed url for contacts;

- workaround for really weird situation where google calendar server
answers requests directly *without* a redirect (reported by Tasaki,
I was not able to reproduce the error but the code has some
workaround for that);

- fixing a potential SEGFAULT condition (where a failed XPath
expression could set a DOM node to NULL). Never happened, but
fortune favors the prepared;

- fix for deleted flag (it was not being setted always, made a valid
contact appear as deleted);

== libgcal 0.8 (2008-10-03) ==

- support to store and access RAW XML of each entry;

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