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Headlights in Action

Headlights adds a Bundles [^1] menu to Vim, revealing your bundles (aka. plugins) and the features they provide.

Headlights creates a menu for each currently loaded [^2] bundle, grouping together docs, commands, mappings, abbreviations, functions, highlights, and plugin files.

Combined with a powerful bundle manager, Headlights will improve your Vim user experience quality of life.

Get Headlights

NOTE: Headlights requires Vim 7+ compiled with Python 2.6+ support.

The Recommended Way

Using [Vundle] 3:

  1. Add the following line to the Vundle section in your .vimrc:

    Bundle 'mbadran/headlights'

  2. Run the following Vim command:


The Manual Way

  1. [Download the latest package] 4.

  2. Expand the archive's contents into your vim directory.

  3. Run the following Vim command:

    helptags <vim_dir>/<plugin_dir>/<headlights_dir>/doc/

Explore the Options

let g:headlights_use_plugin_menu = 0 (Disabled)

let g:headlights_smart_menus = 1 (Enabled)

let g:headlights_show_commands = 1 (Enabled)

let g:headlights_show_mappings = 1 (Enabled)

let g:headlights_show_abbreviations = 0 (Disabled)

let g:headlights_show_functions = 0 (Disabled)

let g:headlights_show_highlights = 0 (Disabled)

let g:headlights_show_files = 0 (Disabled)

let g:headlights_show_load_order = 0 (Disabled)

let g:headlights_debug_mode = 0 (Disabled)

let g:headlights_run_on_startup = 0 (Disabled)

let g:headlights_spillover_menus = 0 (Disabled)

Go Deeper

Refer to the Headlights help document:

Bundles > a - i > headlights > Help

:help headlights


If you use MacVim, you can quickly access any plugin by typing its name. For example, hit CMD-? to bring up a search dialog for menu items, then type fug open to reveal the fugitive.vim file as the first result. You can also type fug help to quickly access the documentation. I do this, like, all the time.

[^1]: Headlights is inspired by TextMate's Bundles menu.

[^2]: Headlights mirrors Vim's scriptnames command, revealing only the bundles that are currently loaded. This is fast because it avoids file system access, but the trade off is that autoload and ftplugin scripts are not revealed until they are needed. (This is Good Enough ™.)