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DIVAServices Spotlight

Unified repository for both, dummy rest server and client components for the DIVAServices Spotlight project


  1. Checkout the repository
  2. Install the mandatory dependencies: * mongoDB and start mongo daemon * Node.js and update npm * GraphicsMagick
Following packages must be installed globally. If you use `install` script, you can omit this and all the following sections from *Install*.

* [CoffeeScript]( ``npm install -g coffee-script``
* [Brunch]( ``npm install -g brunch``
* [Bower]( ``npm install -g bower``
* [Node Foreman]( ``npm install -g  foreman``
* [forever]( ``npm install -g forever``
  1. Change to the rest directory and let NPM install the necessary libraries:
$ cd rest
$ npm install
  1. Change to the web directory and install the required Node.JS modules:
$ cd web
$ npm install
$ bower install
  1. Change to the test directory and install the required Node.js modules:
$ cd test
$ npm install
  1. Create the folder logs under /web/
  2. Add dummy backend host to hosts collection in dia_dev and dia_test database
$ mongo
> use dia_dev
> db.hosts.insert({"host": "Dummy Backend Host", "url": "http://localhost:8081"})
> use dia_test
> db.hosts.insert({"host": "Dummy Backend Host": "url": "http://localhost:8081"})
  1. Configure mongo-express if you intend to use it. (Per default it is disabled. To enable it, uncomment line 6 in
Assuming you are in the root folder
$ cd web/node_modules/mongo-express
$ cp config.default.js config.js
Then change the port on line 46 to ``8083``. If you have any authentication settings on your mongoDB, please configure the ``config.js`` file according to it.


The DIVAServices Spotlight application can be started within three environments.

  1. Developing mode
$ export NODE_ENV=dev && nf -j start
# or
$ nf -j -e etc/dev.env start

This configuration is recommended if you want to develop. 2. Testing mode

$ export NODE_ENV=test && nf -j start
# or
$ nf -j -e etc/test.env start

This configuration is mandatory for running the tests. 3. Production mode

# Build static files for production
$ cd web && rm -r public && brunch b -P && cd ..
# and run with
$ export NODE_ENV=prod && nf start
# or
$ nf -e etc/prod.env start

This configuration is used for production.


Assuming you are in the root folder. Execute the following scripts:

$ ./scripts/run-tests (runs all the tests)

If you want to run the tests manually:

  1. e2e

In root folder:

Shell 1
$ nf -j -e etc/test.env start

Shell 2
$ cd test
$ npm run e2e
  1. server

In root folder:

# Shell 1
$ coffee rest/

# Shell 2
$ ./test/node_modules/.bin/mocha


To start and stop dummy rest server and web client with one command:

$ nf -j -e etc/dev.env start

For manually starting backend server

$ cd rest
$ forever -m 5 --minUptime 1000 --spinSleepTime 5000 --watch -c coffee

For manually starting web client

$ export NODE_ENV=dev
$ cd web
$ brunch w -s

Then go to localhost:3000


To run DIVAServices Spotlight in production mode follow those steps:

$ cd web && rm -r public && brunch b -P && cd ..
$ nf -e etc/prod.env start
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