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FMVs #1

Ezekiel000 opened this Issue Jun 16, 2012 · 3 comments

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Any chance of fmv support being added?
The windows port now has fmvs using ffmpeg couldn't the linux port do the same?

mbait commented Jun 16, 2012

It is definitely possible, but I am currently overloaded with another projects. Thanks for creating issue, I will work on it as soon as possible.


Bink Video is actually available for Linux, but I think they might charge licensing fees even if the game using it is free.

mbait commented Mar 1, 2013

I am going to take out all proprietary data, and add free content instead. Now in order to play the game one has to obtain the original distribution files which comprise models, levels and so on. I am going to restore the file format for each piece of data, and hire someone to make new graphics, sound and perhaps movies. Finally, the game should be playable with the proprietary data as well as with the free content. But again, this will probably require substantial amount of time, so I can't guarantee anything. So far the only modification was the "crouch jump" of the predator which was added in the game sequel, and which, in my opinion, lacks the original game.

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