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%% plot[] function {x};
\fontfamily{qag}\selectfont{Software Engineer,
\begin{project1}{Advanced Farm Technologies}{Davis (CA), 2018 -- Present}
\item Implemented stereo-camera software emulator.
\item Designed and implemented full-stack software emulator of a robotic system.
\item Optimized closed-loop robot control system to get rid of the robot arm jerks.
\item Designed a soft real-time OS image that can be booted to RAM over ethernet.
\begin{project1}{}{Palo Alto (CA)/Remote, 2014 -- 2015}
\item Designed and partially implemented an internal speech recognition
service as the on-site\\alternative to Google's API.
\item Trained an adapted GMM model for embedded speech recognition,
dropping WER by 5\%.
\begin{project1}{Facebook}{Menlo Park (CA), 2015 -- 2017}
\item Integrated confusion network generation into Facebook video
captioning service to provide world alternatives in the editor.
\item Added ARPA language model support into\\Facebook/ speech
recognition service.
\item Implemented a thread-safe flyweight pattern in the acoustic model
code, so that one model could be shared among many decoders.
\item Created a grammar-based (thrax) solution for inverse text
normalization problem to provide speech-to-text output in human-readable
\item Fixed a bug in acoustic modeling code, reducing the WER by 0.1\%.
\item Developed and applied a set of automatic tools to migrate a large
20-year-old code base in C to C\texttt{++}11.
%%\begin{project1}{Alpha Cephei}{Remote, 2013 -- 2014}
%% \begin{items}
%% \item Implemented multi-pass speech aligner capable of aligning long
%% audios such as books and\\podcasts.
%% %\item Added support of acoustic model in Kaldi\\format into Sphinx4
%% % speech recognition library. Kaldi model supports variable
%% % dimension\\gaussian mixture models which allows it to keep word error
%% % rate at 2.5$\%$ for a particular model.
%% \item Designed and implemented a simplified API for Sphinx4 core which
%% allowed to skip XML configuration step and setup speech recognition
%% with just a few method calls.
%% \end{items}
\begin{project2}{CMU Sphinx}{\begin{tabular}{@{}l|l}Speech recognition library & C, Python\\\end{tabular}}
\item Refactored pocketsphinx build for Android and developed it into
standalone library that can be used in Android applications for offline
speech recognition.
\item Provided pocketsphinx bindings for Java and Python using SWIG:
designed interfaces and\\implemented routines for data type conversion.
\begin{project2}{Kaldi}{\begin{tabular}{@{}l|l}Speech recognition framework & C\texttt{++}, Bash\\\end{tabular}}
\item Fixed minor issues in data preparation scripts.
\item Added safety checks for model training scripts.
\item Improved user documentation.
\item \textbf{CS fundamentals}: general knowledge of algorithms and
data structures, understanding of x86 architecture basics,
object-oriented programming, functional programming.
\item \textbf{Programming languages}: C, C\texttt{++},
Java, Python.
\item \textbf{Math}: automatic speech recognition, digital signal processing,
linear algebra, discrete math, statistics.
\item \textbf{M.S. in Computer Science and Math}\\
Far Eastern Federal University of Russia\\
2006 -- 2011
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