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Bangladesh Election Data is a project to collect, open, visualize, and analyze election-related data on an ongoing basis. The project is being implemented by Democracy International, a non-partisan organization that supports democracy and good governance worldwide.

The purpose of Bangladesh Election Data is to present a range of stakeholders - election officials, government officials, political contestants, civil society organizations, media, citizens, and the international community - with better information to make better decisions that lead to better outcomes.

We aim to achieve this goal by:

    Creating a centralized hub of election-related data, maps, and analysis that facilitate data-driven decision-making to improve electoral processes.
    Presenting information in a highly accessible way so that stakeholders can measure progress and identify trends from one election cycle to the next.
    Providing a meaningful lens through which electoral developments or election observation findings can be contextualized and understood.

Bangladesh Election Data is an open source project hosted on Github.

Interactive maps were made possible by MapBox.

Interactive data tables were made possible by Dyntable.

All data used on Bangladesh Election Data was opened by Democracy International-Bangladesh staff and volunteers.

The data is licensed for redistribution under CC By S.A 3.0 and can be downloaded <a href="" target"=_blank">here.

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     <h6 align="right"><em>Cover photo credit: DI-Bangladesh, Gazipur City Corporation By-Election, 20 November 2013</em></h6></p>


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