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Release notes updated Jun 15 2009:
* I stopped working on this in the days of scala 2.71 to devote my energies
to the scala compiler, and it took some tweaking to get working even back then.
* I've just brought it up to date to work with scala 2.7.5 but it will still require
some fiddling.
* The code is horrible. This was my learning scala project.
* If eclipse can't compile the java source you give it, the translation will not work - at all. You must satisfy eclipse.
Additional software you will need:
* Scala, of course - version 2.7.5.
* Eclipse - a typical installation should work fine. A stripped down one may not.
* Scala OSGI bundles in the eclipse plugins dir, and possibly some other bundles that
don't come with eclipse as well. Look in lib/ for the ones I use.
* Rake, if you want to use my sad build setup
* rlwrap to make using the OSGI console tolerable
Scalify utilizes eclipse plugins but you don't have to run eclipse to use it.
*** BUILDING ***
% rake
*** RUNNING ***
% bin/scalify
osgi> scalify /tmp/some/src -o /tmp/output
% bin/scalify
"Scalify service started"
osgi> scademo
< blah blah hey it must be working ... all done >
osgi> exit
% cd demo/oroScala
% rake
// Note Jun 15 2009 - this used to compile and run far enough to print "Usage" but no longer.
% scala examples.grep
Usage: grep <pattern> <filename> ...
*** BUGS ***
I can be emailed at but help making this work is unlikely.