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Extension to Mantle to allows you to convert XML to model objects and from a model instance to XML.
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KissXML @ 934a9e6 Implement MTLXMLAdapter, with some test specs.
Mantle.xcodeproj implement support for serializing from a MTLModel<MTLXMLSerializing> …
Mantle Empty tags for integer types should return nil rather than 0
MantleTests Changed the convention so that all NSValueTransformers used by MTLXML…
libextobjc @ 6a78cd9 ++libextobjc
.gitignore ignore dreaded Desktop Services attribute files
.gitmodules change KissXML submodule to point to my fork for now. *couple of guidelines (for the Commonwealth :trollface:) 2013, yo
MantleXMLAdapter.podspec If MTLXMLAdapter cannot find the element specified by XPathPrefix in … Update

Mantle XML Adapter

This repository started as a fork of the excellent Mantle framework and added a MTLXMLAdapter and some XML specific NSValueTransformer utility functions. This allows you to use XML data to create Mantle model instances in addition to the builtin JSON support.

The new additions can be found in these files:

This is best used a Cocoapod that pulls in just the files above, and has Mantle and KISSXML as a dependency.

There is very basic support for serializing Mantle model instances into XML, provided that the user manually constructs the DDXMLElement node tree by implementing serializeToXMLElement. Some examples of current usage can be found in these test files:


Mantle XML Adapter is released under the MIT license, like Mantle itself, See

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