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Android workout tracker specifically designed for PHUL.
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PHUL Workout Tracker

What is this?

This is an android application for tracking workouts by day, specifically for PHUL. You will need Android Studio to run this application.

Example Application Features

Main View:

alt text

Day Tracker:

alt text

Weight Calculator:

alt text

Setup and Installation

  1. Download repository.
  2. Open Android Studio and open the repository there.
  3. Click Run and then Run 'app'.
  4. Select device you want to run it on and then click OK. a. If you click on a connected device, it will run on any physical device connected to your computer. You will then have access to the application through the PHUL app on the phone. b. If you go click on an available virtual device, it will run on whatever emulated device you chose.
  5. Finished. You now have the application on whatever device you chose.


Author: Michael Bartido Email:

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