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SqLite Database Management Software implemented with Python3.4 and PyQt5.7 for teaching/learning purpuses
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PyQt SQLite

This software is written for teaching porposes. It is not a complete software to create/edit/modify SqLite. If you need such a software, there are many that you can find through internet serach. Don't use this package in production.

With this software, I will try to explain how PyQt can be used to develop a running software. After this software has somehow mature, I will write a tutorial.

You can write your suggestion for developing this software.

You need > python 3.4 and > PyQt5.7 to run this software.

Currently pyqt-sqlite can do the foolowings:

Main Screen

Show tables and views and their structure:


Create Table

Tables can be created (but currently you can not modify):


Insert/Remove/Edit Data

You can update, insert and/or remove data:


Execute SQL Query

SQL Queries can be executed, if it selects then the result is shown in the table:


You can save your query as a view by pressing save view icon.

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