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mbasso committed Jan 20, 2019
0 parents commit 1c047925cefd6604678213cf39424616b9e95d5e
@@ -0,0 +1,80 @@
"presets": [
"shippedProposals": true
"env": {
"test": {
"plugins": [
"loose": true
"commonjs": {
"presets": [
"plugins": [
"loose": true
"es": {
"presets": [
"modules": false
"plugins": []
"plugins": [
"proposal": "minimal"
"comments": false
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
# EditorConfig helps developers define and maintain
# consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs.

root = true

end_of_line = lf
charset = utf-8
trim_trailing_whitespace = true
insert_final_newline = true
indent_style = space
indent_size = 2

trim_trailing_whitespace = false
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
@@ -0,0 +1,58 @@
"env": {
"browser": true,
"node": true
"parser": "babel-eslint",
"parserOptions": {
"ecmaFeatures": {
"jsx": true,
"modules": true
"rules": {
"valid-jsdoc": 2,
"quotes": [
"strict": [
"react/jsx-filename-extension": "off",
"react/jsx-uses-react": 2,
"react/jsx-uses-vars": 2,
"react/react-in-jsx-scope": 2
"plugins": [
"extends": [
"globals": {
"jest": false,
"describe": false,
"it": false,
"expect": false,
"before": false,
"beforeEach": false,
"beforeAll": false,
"after": false,
"afterEach": false,
"afterAll": false,
"spyOn": false,
"WebAssembly": false
"settings": {
"flowtype": {
"onlyFilesWithFlowAnnotation": true
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@



@@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
**General Information**

- [ ] Bug
- [ ] Improvement
- [ ] Feature
- [ ] Other


(Add images if possible)

**Steps to reproduce**

(Add link to a demo on or similar if possible)


- react:
- react-wasm:
- browser:
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
- [ ] Pull request has tests / docs demo, and is linted.
- [ ] Description explains the issue / use-case resolved, and auto-closes the related issue(s) (
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
language: node_js
- "8"
- "9"
- "10"
- "11"
- npm run check:src
- npm run build
- master
- $HOME/.npm
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
# Change Log

This project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
Every release, along with the migration instructions, is documented on the Github [Releases]( page.
@@ -0,0 +1,74 @@
# Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct

## Our Pledge

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as
contributors and maintainers pledge to making participation in our project and
our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body
size, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, level of experience,
nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and

## Our Standards

Examples of behavior that contributes to creating a positive environment

* Using welcoming and inclusive language
* Being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences
* Gracefully accepting constructive criticism
* Focusing on what is best for the community
* Showing empathy towards other community members

Examples of unacceptable behavior by participants include:

* The use of sexualized language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or
* Trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, and personal or political attacks
* Public or private harassment
* Publishing others' private information, such as a physical or electronic
address, without explicit permission
* Other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a
professional setting

## Our Responsibilities

Project maintainers are responsible for clarifying the standards of acceptable
behavior and are expected to take appropriate and fair corrective action in
response to any instances of unacceptable behavior.

Project maintainers have the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or
reject comments, commits, code, wiki edits, issues, and other contributions
that are not aligned to this Code of Conduct, or to ban temporarily or
permanently any contributor for other behaviors that they deem inappropriate,
threatening, offensive, or harmful.

## Scope

This Code of Conduct applies both within project spaces and in public spaces
when an individual is representing the project or its community. Examples of
representing a project or community include using an official project e-mail
address, posting via an official social media account, or acting as an appointed
representative at an online or offline event. Representation of a project may be
further defined and clarified by project maintainers.

## Enforcement

Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be
reported by contacting the project team at [INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS]. All
complaints will be reviewed and investigated and will result in a response that
is deemed necessary and appropriate to the circumstances. The project team is
obligated to maintain confidentiality with regard to the reporter of an incident.
Further details of specific enforcement policies may be posted separately.

Project maintainers who do not follow or enforce the Code of Conduct in good
faith may face temporary or permanent repercussions as determined by other
members of the project's leadership.

## Attribution

This Code of Conduct is adapted from the [Contributor Covenant][homepage], version 1.4,
available at [][version]

@@ -0,0 +1,81 @@
# Contributing

We are pleased to receive any contribution by the community. By contributing to react-wasm, you agree to abide by the [code of conduct](

## Issues

Before opening an issue, please search the [issue tracker]( to make sure your issue hasn’t already been reported.
Please follow our guidelines when opening an issue, in that way we can understand your problem easily and we can help you faster.

### Bugs and Improvements

Bugs and Improvements in general can be discussed on the [issue tracker](, make sure that there aren't other issues with the same purpose.

## Development

Visit the [issue tracker]( to find a list of open issues that need attention.

Fork, then clone the repo:

git clone

### Building

#### Building react-wasm

Running the `build` task will create both a CommonJS module-per-module build and a UMD build.
npm run build

To create just a CommonJS module-per-module build:

npm run build:commonjs

The result will be in the `lib` folder.

To create just a UMD build:
npm run build:umd
npm run build:umd:min

The result will be in the `dist` folder.

### Testing and Linting

To run both linting and testing at once, run the following:

npm run check:src

To only run linting:

npm run lint

To only run tests:

npm test

### Docs

Improvements to the documentation are always welcome. Before submitting your changes, check that they respect all docs style.
For example, use "-" for lists etc.

### Pull Request

Pull requests are welcome, but make sure that your changes respect the 2 points in PR template:

- Pull request has tests / docs demo, and is linted.
- Description explains the issue / use-case resolved, and auto-closes the related issue(s)

Thank you!

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